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Customised marketing promotions

" to be aware is to convert …"
Lao Tseu

Launch your customised marketing actions in an autonomous, flexible and monitored way

You’ve noticed that the abandon rate is higher at the point of delivery arrangements?

  • Set up free postage in 3 clicks!
    Cap the traffic to ‘le chat’ for a specified period?
  • Only activate ‘le chat’ for your premium clients…

LiveIntercept gives you infinite possibilities!

Detect the flaws by asking the most important person directly: your customer. In turn, their journey will be more fluid …

Thanks to the data collected, you can make the correct adjustments to your website. A simple change of the position of the call to action can increase your conversion rate.

Optimisation of the website

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We love a challenge!
Let’s have a think together

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Test and Learn

Try, learn and correct…then deploy in total autonomy. Sound good?

With the LiveIntercept platform, put new browsing scenarios to the test in a few clicks.

Live the liveintercept experience

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