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Curious or hurried visitor? Where are they going, what are they looking for? To answer these questions…

Flow analysis

to better understand the path of your customers during a visit or support to another is here!

Identify the different browsing patterns of your visitors. Log incoming traffic with the Events Journal; Quickly detect pages with high bounce rate and blockages in your conversion tunnel with a clear dashboard…


Don’t rip your hair out with the ever increasing numbers of devices and channels. LiveIntercept is designed to connect with your marketing tools (CRM, DMP, …)
to give you a customer centric view.

Many contact points, 1 customer.
From a physical to a digital point of contact, via call centre or live chat: identify and anticipate the next request … LiveIntercept can take care of it for you

Cross Channel

optimized liveIntercept
optimized liveIntercept

We love a challenge!
Let’s have a think together

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